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Goal planning sessions

Prenatal, crisis, and Education Referrals

Sunday funday activites

Mommy circles

Goal Planning Sessions

One-on-One support for mothers to learn their specific and unique needs. Create with them goals for their maternal and personal success by providing them support, advocacy, and access to resources along the way.

Goal Planning Sessions
Women Holding Hands

Prenatal, Crisis, and
Education Referrals

From established relationships in the community, mothers will have increased accessibility to resources, organizations, schools, and tools in the community that will best fit the mommy's specific needs.


Sunday Funday Activities

Offering mommies with children aged 2+ the opportunity to go on interactive field trips to enhance kindergarten readiness for toddlers and parent-child interaction experiences.

Sunday Funday

Mommy Circles

Providing a space led by and for young mothers to share concerns, best practices, and stories about motherhood and create solutions for their communities.

Mommy Circle
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