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Mommies in the D aims to foster a sense of community where mothers can recognize your organization as an essential part of their support network.

Thank You Partners

Alternatives for Girls

Birth Detroit

A heartfelt thank you to all our 2022-2023 MITD Partners! Your support made a significant impact on our organization and the communities we serve. Together, we are transforming the lives of young mothers and their families. We deeply appreciate your dedication and commitment.

Birth Her Way Doula Services

First Class Event Space

Great State Wayne Collaborative

LG's Place

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"I truly enjoyed working with Mommies in the D. It is evident this organization is passionate about what they do and they care about the growth, evolution and support of their mothers and families."

Anjail Muhammed


Bridging the Gap

 By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to bridge the gap between expertise and knowledge for young families. Your expertise combined with our resources and support can create a powerful impact on the lives of these families.


Referral Support

As a partner, you receive support from Mommies in the D in referring mothers to the services you provide. This collaboration ensures that mothers receive the assistance they need while strengthening the connection between your organization and the families you serve.


Mommy Journey Guides

Partnering with us grants you the opportunity to be included in our interactive Mommy Journey guides. This inclusion enhances maternal health outcomes by providing families with valuable information, resources, and guidance along their motherhood journey.

By partnering with MITD, you become part of a collective effort to empower and support young families, making a positive difference in their lives while contributing to improved maternal health outcomes.

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